Friday Night At The Home Drive-In: Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970)

Poster for Hell's Bloody Devils (1970) Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970) by #AlAdamson

w/ #BroderickCrawford #ScottBrady #KentTaylor


“See – Barbaric Brutality! Female Love Slaves! Spectacular Action!”

“Isn’t that the most wonderful chicken you ever ate?”

#Crime #Bikers

I’m going to keep this fairly short. Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970) is another Al Adamson special; a film that he created out of an older film (in this case, The Fakers / Smashing the Crime Syndicate (1968), which I wrote about a few weeks ago), by adding some newly shot footage to it. As I noted at the time:

The Fakers (1968)… doesn’t even get it’s own page on the IMDb. It’s simply referred to as an alternate title for Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970). This can’t be true. Al Adamson shot a bunch of footage involving bikers and added it to The Fakers (1968) in order to cash in on the popular biker genre – or so I’ve heard. There isn’t a single biker to be found in The Fakers (1968), so how can it be the same movie? Continue reading