Just Another Day

Poster art for 4 New Plays produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba. including Just Another Day by Angus KohmJust Another Day by Angus Kohm

ISBN : 978-1-55173-659-4

Comedy, Romance, Drama
1 Act, 45 minutes
Male: 2
Female: 2
Publisher: PGC

To purchase a copy of the play, or to obtain performance rights, contact:
The Playwrights Guild of Canada

On his twenty-fifth birthday, a restaurant worker proves that you’re never too young for a mid-life crisis.

Roger: (m), 25, a restaurant worker;
Lori: (f), Susan’s sister, a very popular girl, younger than Roger;
Bob: (m), Roger’s co-worker;
Susan: (f), Roger and Bob’s supervisor and friend, older than Roger.

It’s Roger’s twenty-fifth birthday, but he has not told anyone. Instead he’s gone to work as if it’s any other day. When the others find out, he has to fight off their various attempts to make him celebrate. Why? He is not happy with his life, his job, and how long he has been stuck in the same routine. What he is not counting on is the unexpected return of Lori; a very popular girl whom he once had a shot at dating. Perhaps his life would have been better if he had run off with her. Perhaps this is his second chance. Should he take it? Bob thinks so. Bob has his own quirky outlook on everything (as well as an uncanny knack for avoiding any real work), and he is quick to tell Roger how to lead his life. Susan does not have a lot of respect for Lori’s irresponsible ways. She is also constantly after Bob to do his job properly, but she is too nice a person to get him into trouble. Susan likes Roger, and the two of them have an always-bizarre, fun-filled, jokingly-flirtatious relationship. At least, Roger thinks they are joking. But sometimes he wonders… Before the shift is over, Roger must make a decision that could change the course of his entire life. What will he do? The comedy that proves you’re never too young for a mid-life crisis.

Poster art for $ Short Plays produced by Geri\the/atrics Theatre Productions, including Just Another Day by Angus Kohm

Just Another Day by Angus Kohm was commissioned by The Manitoba Association of Playwrights and produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba as part of The Birthday Project in 1998.

It was subsequently produced at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in 1998.

Since then, it has gone on to be produced by several community theatre groups, including the Geri\the/atrics Theatre Productions & Repertory Company in Winnipeg.