Friday Night At The Home Drive-In: Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970)

Poster for Hell's Bloody Devils (1970) Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970) by #AlAdamson

w/ #BroderickCrawford #ScottBrady #KentTaylor


“See – Barbaric Brutality! Female Love Slaves! Spectacular Action!”

“Isn’t that the most wonderful chicken you ever ate?”

#Crime #Bikers

I’m going to keep this fairly short. Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970) is another Al Adamson special; a film that he created out of an older film (in this case, The Fakers / Smashing the Crime Syndicate (1968), which I wrote about a few weeks ago), by adding some newly shot footage to it. As I noted at the time:

The Fakers (1968)… doesn’t even get it’s own page on the IMDb. It’s simply referred to as an alternate title for Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970). This can’t be true. Al Adamson shot a bunch of footage involving bikers and added it to The Fakers (1968) in order to cash in on the popular biker genre – or so I’ve heard. There isn’t a single biker to be found in The Fakers (1968), so how can it be the same movie?

Well, it’s not the same movie. Al Adamson did add 30-40 minutes of biker footage to The Fakers. He also had to delete just as much (or maybe more) footage from The Fakers in order to create Hell’s Bloody Devils

The oddest thing about the whole affair is that it kind of works!

I actually liked The Fakers as it was. But the new biker subplot in Hell’s Bloody Devils is pretty hard to resist. And by cutting all of the fat out and tightening up the original story of The Fakers, Adamson actually made it breezier and more entertaining. 

I’m sure that I would still enjoy watching the original movie, but I think that Hell’s Bloody Devils is a more than worthy re-imagining of it. I think that both films can exist without taking anything away from each other. 

Allow me to say it again: The Fakers / Smashing the Crime Syndicate (1968) is NOT the same movie as Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970). Each movie deserves to have it’s own page on the IMDb.  I hope that someone with more free time than me will make a point of making this happen. 

Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970) is a #NotQuiteClassicCinema classic – perhaps not quite as good as Satan’s Sadists (1969), which is Al Adamson’s biker masterpiece, but a very entertaining movie (with bikers) nevertheless. It’s perfect for an all night marathon of biker and car chase madness on some warm summer #FridayNightAtTheHomeDriveIn.