The Corporate Whores

The Corporate Whores
The Things They Do Will Shock You…
Everything That Happens Is True!!

A vice president of a large corporation suffers the worst personal and professional crisis of his life…

The Corporate Whores was a smash hit at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in 1993. Inspired by true events, it was an absurd comedy about the nasty and unbelievable world of corporate crime.  It remained Angus Kohm’s top selling show until 1996.

“Holy Mamet-mania, Batman! Corporate Whores is a sardonic indictment of the diseased, parasitic world of big business. Playwright/director Angus Kohm combines mouth-watering cynicism and frenetic delivery to produce a bitter dark gem of a show. Kudos to the actors – one can almost taste the slime the characters ooze as they crawl up the corporate ladder. Anyone who’s ever felt like they’ve been sodomized by their employer will relate.”
— Murray Richardson & A.J. Von Wichert; The Jenny Revue

The poster from the original production of Angus Kohm’s The Corporate Whores. It was designed by Winston Pesticide (with special thanks to Brian Kemp).  It raised a few eyebrows.

Performance Rights and Other Details For Potential Producers:

The Corporate Whores
by Angus Kohm
One Act Play;
Running Time: 60 minutes;
Three Characters, Two Female, One Male
One Set (an office; desk, chairs, filing cabinet);

For information on obtaining the professional or amateur rights to:

The Corporate Whores,  or to purchase a copy of the play,
contact Angus Kohm c/o Rubbed Raw:
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Snail mail: Angus Kohm c/o Rubbed Raw:
205 – 21 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg, MB
R3L 2S8

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