Dream Girl

Dream Girl by Angus Kohm
Comedy, Romance, Satire
1 Act, 15 minutes
Male: 2
Female: 1

Synopsis: A browbeaten office worker, with a mean and predatory supervisor, discovers that the man she has been seeing is only using her to get to the famous model for whom she works (answering fan mail).

  • Robin Smithee: (f), young, shy – and in her own mind, ordinary; her job is to answer fan mail for a world famous, rich, beautiful model;
  • Blake Bigilo: (m) Robin’s boss/supervisor; he has a thing for her – but it’s not a good thing;
  • Bobby: (m) Robin’s boyfriend; secretly in love with the world famous, rich, beautiful model;
Dream Girl by Angus Kohm was first performed by Pull Pin, Squeeze Trigger Productions at the University of Manitoba in 1995.

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