Movies Within A Movie

I have always been fond of movies that feature movies within the movie.  You know, movies that for some reason contain scenes of other movies?  I’m not talking about clips of real movies (like Scream 2 on TV in the background of Halloween H2O).  I’m talking about made up, fictional, fake movies being featured within the world of the main movie. Continue reading

What is the Doreen Brownstone Film Spectacular?

Some of you may have noticed that I am involved in something called The Doreen Brownstone Film Spectacular.  Some of you may have asked “What is The Doreen Brownstone Film Spectacular?”

Put simply, it is a feature film project in development.

“A feature film?  What will it be about?”

Good question.  Our log line says: “Legendary B-movie star Doreen Brownstone investigates the mysterious goings on in her apartment building while trying to revitalize her fading career.”

The Indiegogo page says:  “Equal parts Curb Your Enthusiasm-style ‘reality’ zaniness, and an affectionate homage to B genre movies of the past and present.”

What do I say?  Hmmm… Continue reading