A Man With A View

A Man with a View by Angus Kohm
ISBN : 1-55173-657-8
Comedy, Dark Comedy
1 Act, 15 minutes
Male: 2
Publisher: PGC
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Synopsis: A dark comedy about the consequences of voyeurism, featuring a couple of guys in a high rise office building and a pair of binoculars.
More Details:
Tommy: a successful salesman
Jason: a younger, less successful salesman
“Tommy brings Jason into his office to give him some advise on how to become a better salesman – and to brag about all of his latest accomplishments.  Jason is really impressed by the view from Tommy’s window.  With binoculars they spy on people, including a secretary in the building across the way.  When they accidentally spot a crime in progress, Jason wants to do something about it, but Tommy refuses.  A debate ensues.  What are the responsibilities of someone who only observes?  What will Jason learn from Tommy before this day is done?
A Man With A View by Angus Kohm was first produced by the Manitoba Association of Playwrights as part of Short Shots in 1994.  It was subsequently performed by Pull Pin, Squeeze Trigger Productions at the University of Manitoba in 1995.