The Blood On Santa’s Claws

The Blood On Santa’s Claws is a very short (about 15 minutes) play originally written for a evening of theatre called Six Twisted X-mas Tales. It was intended as an homage to Christmas horror films, like Black Christmas (1974) and Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out (1980). In fact, every Christmas horror film that existed in 1995 was studied in an attempt to create a crazy, compact little comedy which would combine all of the best (and worst) elements of these movies. Call it a satire, call it a tribute, The Blood On Santa’s Claws stands on it’s own as a fun, funny comedy about Christmas, greed, lust, murder, and two very different, very insane serial killers.

Unfortunately, Six Twisted X-mas Tales. was canceled, due to scheduling problems, and The Blood On Santa’s Claws disappeared into the deep dark abyss of unproduced scripts.

A couple of years later Angus Kohm wrote his most popular and successful play, Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical, which continues to be produced regularly in Canada and the USA. What people don’t realize, is that The Blood On Santa’s Claws was kind of like an early, forgotten version of Sorority Girls… Perhaps a close cousin, of sorts.  Because The Blood On Santa’s Claws was never produced, and had all but vanished, Kohm borrowed a couple of things from it when he wrote Sorority Girls… Most noticeably, the character of Alvin appears in both plays. They are not the same guy, of course, but they could be close relatives. Those who know Sorority Girls… will recognize a few other similar details. The two plays are ultimately very different, but fans of Sorority Girls… will find that reading (or seeing a production of) The Blood On Santa’s Claws will give them a whole new bit of insight into how the later play started to develop. It might even make an interesting curtain raiser for groups presenting Sorority Girls…

In December of 1999, The Blood On Santa’s Claws was given its first public presentation by Cherry Red Productions of Washington D.C., as part of their Christmas Special – exactly four years after the play had first been intended for production (and two years after Sorority Girls… had taken the fringe festival circuit by storm).

The Blood On Santa’s Claws
by Angus Kohm
Short One Act Comedy;
4 Characters: 2 Female, 2 Male
Running Time: 15 minutes;
Can be produced on a bare stage;
Few props; simple costumes;
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