Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954) – Friday Night At The Home Drive-In

Poster for Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954)Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954) by/#WyottOrdung
produced by
#AnneKimbell #StuartWade

A woman sees a giant one-eyed amoeba rising from the ocean.

“Up from the forbidden depths comes a Tidal Wave Of Terror!”

#Horror #SciFi

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of Roger Corman. And that means that even though he didn’t direct Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954) – and only produced it – I am obligated to give it an automatic two-and-a-half star minimum. I am, of course, being a little silly. I don’t normally even assign star values to movies. But whenever I see Corman’s name on a film, I know I’m going to be having at least two-and-a-half stars worth of fun. And Monster from the Ocean Floor was no exception…  Continue reading

The Atomic Submarine (1959) – Friday Night At The Home Drive-In

Poster for The Atomic Submarine (1959)The Atomic Submarine (1959) by #SpencerGordonBennet
#ArthurFranz #DickForan #BrettHalsey #JoiLansing

A nuclear submarine near the Arctic Circle encounters electrical storms, a UFO and lots of hairy tentacles.

“The Screen’s Spectacular Inferno of the Battle for Civilization!”
“When U.S.A. Killer Subs meet a ruthless power in the icy depths of a Polar Sea!”

#SciFi #Thriller

When I first came across The Atomic Submarine (1959), I was afraid that it might just be a simple story of a submarine crew that runs into technical trouble under the ocean somewhere. Not that this couldn’t be a compelling movie, but when I program an all night marathon at the home drive-in, I’m hoping to see some monsters or aliens, or something like that. Thankfully, The Atomic Submarine is about an alien invasion of sorts. This one doesn’t come from the skies, however. – it comes from under the water… Continue reading

Friday Night At The Home Drive-In: Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)

Poster for Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)Zombies of Mora Tau (1957) by #EdwardLCahn
w/#GreggPalmer #AllisonHayes

A fortune hunter leads a search for diamonds guarded by undead sailors off the coast of Africa.


“Human in Shape Only!”

“A Tide of Terror Floods the Screen!”

#Horror #Zombies

When I was kid, I dreamed of searching for – and finding – lost treasure. My dad had some old geology maps that showed where all of the gold, silver, and copper deposits were located. I imagined one day travelling to those shiny red dots and digging for gold.

I also read an article in the newspaper about treasure hunters who searched old abandoned houses and found jars of silver coins buried under the floorboards. I added this activity to my future to do list.

I also went to the library and took out books about famous pirates. I carefully studied the reproductions of old hand drawn maps that showed where they had buried their stolen treasure. One day I would solve the mystery, I vowed, and find Blackbeard’s lost fortune.

Sadly, I never did any of those things. And I probably should have – because, truth be told, they would have been just as likely to lead to success as anything else I tried. But then again, who knows what kind of unearthly horrors I might have uncovered…? Continue reading