The 27th Day (1957) – Friday Night At The Home Drive-In

Poster for The 27th Day (1957)The 27th Day (1957) by #WilliamAsher
#GeneBerry #ValerieFrench

An alien hoping to take over Earth gives five different nations a powerful weapon and tells them if they resist using it for 27 days, Earth will be spared.

“Five people given the power to destroy nations! What will they do? What would you do?”
“Mightiest shocker the screen ever had the guts to make!”


The 27th Day (1957) opens on a beach, as a woman in a bathing suit comes out of the water and approaches a man who is painting a picture. They are both British characters, judging by their accents. The woman’s name is Eve, and she goes to sit by herself and dry off while the man continues to paint. Suddenly, a shadow falls over Eve and a voice asks her to come with him… She looks up and is horrified by what she sees… Continue reading