I Was A Teenage Zombie
I Was A Teenage Zombie
Book, Music and Lyrics by Angus Kohm
Welcome to Horror High, where every teenage dream becomes a nightmare! You'll meet the 'in crowd', the outcasts, the brainy science nerd, the brain-dead bullies, the super-cool bad boy, the popular girls, the lonely left out loser, the power-mad gang leader, and the zombies. Dozens and dozens of zombies, back from the dead and hungry for human flesh. They won't stop until the entire world is overrun by their kind. Sound familiar? It should. Only this time it's different. This time they sing and dance, too.
I Was A Teenage Zombie is a musical comedy about high school students; those who are popular and those who are not. It is about the struggles that both groups face in their different, yet strangely similar predicaments. It is written in the style of classic B- horror movies, such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Night of the Living Dead. The real life horror of compromising one's own identity to 'fit in' is akin to the B- movie horror of realizing that one is slowly turning into a monster. Many of the old movies used zombies or aliens taking over people's bodies as a metaphor for communism taking over the 'free world'. I Was A Teenage Zombie uses those same techniques, but it is not a political story. Instead it substitutes popularity (or the quest for it) for communism, and 'free thinking individuals' for the 'free world'. I Was A Teenage Zombie is intended to be both an homage to/satire of old horror movies, as well as a thought provoking exploration of the real life social 'horrors' of being a teenager.
Playwright/Composer Angus Kohm created I Was A Teenage Zombie to be performed by teenage casts (in school productions) and enjoyed by audiences of all ages. It contains the same satirical sense of humour as his more 'adult' musicals, like Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical, but is totally suitable for younger audience members. It was first performed at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, as a special fund-raiser, by a cast made up completely of teachers.
Teacher Testimonials for
I Was A Teenage Zombie:
Randal Payne, a high school drama teacher (and one of the original performers) says:
"I recommend I Was A Teenage Zombie for production in any high school setting. It's a topical, entertaining musical that perfectly suits the needs of high school drama teachers and their students."
Read what else he says here.
Pam Odaguchi, a teacher who produced I Was A Teenage Zombie at her school in December of 2004, says:
I Was A Teenage Zombie is a play that is most definitely geared for high school students.  It's filled with great rock and roll tunes that students and audiences thoroughly enjoy!  West Kildonan Collegiate performed this funny, entertaining musical December 7-9, 2004.  I personally liked the array of interesting characters and plot that Angus created, but also appreciated the fact that he allowed plenty of opportunity for the chorus members to become fully involved in the show.  The chorus was able to develop their own character and as a result we had a wide range of zombies!  On a different plane, Angus captures many of the cultures and sub-cultures found in high school.  There is opportunity to discuss themes such as peer pressure, bullying, the price of popularity.  We had a great time rehearsing and performing this play, and you will too should you decide to produce this show at your school!”
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Details For Potential Producers:
I Was A Teenage Zombie
Full Length, 2 Act Musical Comedy;
9 Main Characters, 5 Female, 4 Male;
Chorus of Zombies, Students, Janitor, School Nurse, etc. -- This is flexible,
anywhere from 5 to 50 (the original production had a total of 16 actors.)
Running Time: 120 minutes (105 minutes + 15 minute intermission);
Originally produced with a simple set which included a 'graveyard area' (made up of 3 tombstones), a 'school area' (bare stage with lockers painted onto a flat), a functional door (which was wheeled onto and off of the stage, but could easily be a permanent part of a set design); and two desks and four chairs which could be carried onto and off of the stage when needed;
Few props; simple costumes;
Music scored for piano and voices;
Copies of the script are available for $7.95 each.
Single Perusal Copies of the score are available for $29.95 each.
A Complete Set of the score (piano/conductor, 9 principal actors, 5 Zombie/chorus members)
is available for $299.95
A recording of the original workshop production of
I Was A Teenage Zombie (for demonstration purposes only) is available on CD for $14.95, and on cassette for $9.95.
Professional and Amateur Performance Rights are available.
Royalty Fees will be applicable, but the exact amount will depend on the details of each individual production.

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1) Where your production would take place
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3) How many performances there would be
4) How many seats there are in the theatre
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To Order Scripts, Scores, Cds, etc.,
or for information on obtaining the professional or amateur rights to I Was A Teenage Zombie, contact Angus Kohm c/o Rubbed Raw:
205 - 21 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg, MB
R3L 2S8

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