Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical
"What do you do when you've got a script that tells the story of an axe-wielding madman who escapes from the loony bin and starts stalking sorority girls on a nearby college campus?
Why, you make a musical, of course.
Which is exactly what Winnipeg writer/ composer/ director Angus Kohm has done with Slumber Party Massacre, a Halloween-style plot delivered with a Rainbow Stage sensibility. The result is a campy, absurd musical spoof that's found commercial and critical success beyond the cult following Kohm and co. already had in Winnipeg.
And all we can say is, uh... it's about bloody well time.
Not only is Kohm worthy of praise for breathing new life into a time-worn genre (Scream notwithstanding), so is the troupe. Particularly noteworthy are the skilled veteran duo of Cassandra Williams and Stefanie Wiens, who are so adept in their competing good-girl/bad-girl roles.
Let's hope that Kohm, who poked fun at that other B-movie staple, women's prison films, in the equally ridiculous Bad Girls Jailhouse, will keep coming back like the Michael Meyers of his craft."
- (Highest Rating)
  Riva Harrison, The Winnipeg Sun
One of several posters designed by D. G. Valdron for the 1997 premiere production of  Angus Kohm’s Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical.
Sorority Girls
Slumber Party Massacre:
The Musical
Book, Music, and Lyrics
by Angus Kohm
You'll See: Innocent young girls, cruel sorority sisters, foolish fraternity freaks, and one sadistic, insane killer stalking them all. Sound familiar? It is. But this time they sing and dance too...
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All Contents Copyright by Angus Kohm
Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical
A horror play, or horror musical, or slasher musical.
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