As mentioned on the Bio page, I have helped to develop more than fifty plays by teenage writers.  I have also worked with many adults over the years, as a dramaturge, script editor, and advisor.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘dramaturge’, I like to define it as ‘a person who helps the playwright to write the play that he or she is wanting to write’.  A dramaturge will do this by asking questions, making observations, and in some cases making specific suggestions as to what needs to be done to improve the play.  We don’t do the playwright’s work for them.  We are there to help through encouragement, advice and support.  The same basic techniques are applied when working with a filmmaker, screenwriter, or anyone writing a script for TV, radio or video production, but the term dramaturge is not usually applied.  I have worked with several filmmakers over the years, as well as many playwrights.  
Services offered by Angus Kohm
Do you have a a play or scene or script that needs to be examined by a fresh pair of eyes?  Would you like some advice/feedback on how to make it better?  Angus Kohm has over ten years of experience offering advice to more than fifty beginning playwrights, as well as filmmakers and writers of all levels of experience.  He can do the same for you.
Are you a a member of MAP (Manitoba Association of Playwrights)?  If so, you could talk to Rory Runnells about working with Angus as a mentor (paid for by MAP). However, times being what they are, with budgetary limitations, cutbacks, etc., not everyone can wait for organizations like MAP to provide this service.  Why not cut out the middleman and hire Angus directly?
For a nominal fee of $120.00, Kohm will read your script, make notes, and meet with you face to face (or on the telephone - or in some cases, if necessary, through e-mail) for one hour. He will answer your questions about the play, as well as ask you some pertinent questions (and make suggestions) that will help you to make your work as good as it can possibly be.
If your script is longer than 90 pages, or if meeting/communicating will necessitate expenses, additional fees may apply.  Contact Angus here to discuss details.