For the most part, these are the plays that have been produced (or at least publicly presented in some way).  There might be one or two exceptions on this list (which will be explained on their own pages),  but there are other plays (not on this list) that could be characterized as “in development”.    This could mean that I am currently working on them... or it could mean that they are sitting in a drawer waiting for me to one day pull them out and work on them again... or use them to line the litter box (if only I had a cat...).
Plays by Angus Kohm
More Than You Deserve
Wenceslas Roi
The Rape of My Bad Body
Play: The Big Band Theory
(with Ron Paley)
The Big Kiss Off
Quo Vadis
(with Olaf Pyttlik)
The Weirdest One In The World
(with Cory Wojcik)