Bad Girls Jailhouse
A Musical Set In A Women’s Prison
Performance Rights and Other Details For Potential Producers:
Bad Girls Jailhouse
90 Minutes, 2 Acts, Musical Comedy;
7 Actors (7 Female);
NOTE: It would be possible to cast more prisoners as a chorus if so desired
  Running Time: 90 - 100 minutes (could be done with or without intermission);
Originally produced on a bare stage with one mime cube.  
Few props; simple costumes;
Music scored for piano and voices;
Copies of the script are available for $7.95 each.
Single Perusal Copies of the score are available for $29.95 each.
A Demo Recording of the 1996 Cast of  Bad GIrls Jailhouse
is available on CD for $19.95.
Professional and Amateur Performance Rights are available.
Royalty Fees will be applicable, but the exact amount will depend on the details of each individual production.

To find out more, contact the author (address below).
Please include information such as:
1) Where your production would take place
2) When it would take place
3) How many performances there would be
4) How many seats there are in the theatre
5) Ticket prices
To Order Scripts, Scores, Cds, etc.,
or for information on obtaining the professional or amateur rights to
Bad Girls Jailhouse,
contact Angus Kohm c/o Rubbed Raw:
205 - 21 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg, MB
R3L 2S8

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