Here are some photos of previous productions, as well as posters, etc.
Bad Girls Jailhouse
A Musical Set In A Women’s Prison
One of five wanted posters created by D.G.  Valdron in 1996
Another poster
Another poster
The five prisoners
The five prisoners in colour
Another pose
The Guard and her best friend
Sally and Elise get to know each other.
Sally and Brinke
Cassandra Williams as Sally, and Stefanie Wiens  as Brinke
Guard threatening Sally and Linda
Brinke beating Linda
It’s Time For the Riot1
It’s Time For the Riot2
It’s Time For the Riot3
It’s Time For the Riot4
It’s Time For the Riot5
Singing and Dancing?!
Part of the Back Hole poster
One of the cast of the U of M’s Black Hole Theatre promoting the showsungirl.jpg